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Practice Areas

Construction and Surety

Reeve Brown represents contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, architects, engineers, and public and private owners in drafting contracts and resolving construction, bonding, lien law, trust funds, and prevailing wage disputes, in all forms of dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Commercial Litigation

Reeve Brown attorneys bring extensive experience to the prosecution and defense of a wide variety of commercial litigation matters.  While a significant portion of our practice is devoted to the construction industry, we are experienced in general business litigation, breach of contract, real estate litigation, professional liability, property damage, agriculture and a variety of lien law issues.  Our attorneys are experienced litigators who are comfortable in the courtroom, but always seek to negotiate first with an eye toward a meaningful resolution for our clients.

Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice occurs when an individual or business suffers damages as a result of their attorney’s negligence. Having previously defended numerous lawyers and law firms in legal malpractice actions, Reeve Brown PLLC is uniquely qualified to prosecute claims for professional negligence.

Personal Injury

Reeve Brown attorneys represent individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others.  We have successfully prosecuted and defended countless injury actions stemming from construction and worksite accidents, slip and falls, auto accidents and defective products, providing the experienced and individualized attention our clients deserve.

Appellate Practice

Reeve Brown attorneys are experienced in both criminal and civil appeals, and have successfully prosecuted and defended numerous appeals in both New York State and Federal appellate courts.  Reeve Brown offers experienced appellate advocacy to individuals who have been convicted of a crime, civil litigants or their attorneys.  Our services cover all phases of civil and criminal appellate representation and include brief writing, oral argument and appellate counseling at the trial stage.

Insurance Coverage

The issue of insurance coverage is often critical and in most cases must be resolved before the merits of the case are even addressed.  Reeve Brown attorneys are experienced in analyzing insurance policies and contracts to determine the availability and scope of insurance coverage and representing parties through insurance coverage disputes.

Labor and Employment

Reeve Brown attorneys can counsel businesses on various federal, state and local laws and regulations governing the workplace and employer-employee relations.  From wage and hour compliance to discrimination and harassment policies, Reeve Brown’s focus is on identifying risk, advising on the implementation of proper practices and procedures, and avoiding employment-related litigation.  Should a current issue or litigation arise, however, Reeve Brown attorneys are experienced litigators and can also resolve employment disputes in administrative and judicial forums.